Using art and storytelling to inspire positive change.

Art is more important now than it has ever been, because that’s how you reach people.
— Oprah
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Art gives me a voice, a voice for animals and humanity. It is an extension of who I am. Imagery and words connect with your imagination and spirit, allowing you to feel emotion for the subject. My work speaks to the power of compassion.
— Maddy Couch

Maddy Couch is an artist, writer and change maker – based in the UK.

Maddy’s work is driven by the concept of conserving wildlife and promoting compassion for animals. Through artwork and storytelling, she inspires and motivates people to connect with the natural world and non-human species. Maddy is currently working on her 1000 Rescue project, creating 1000 artworks to raise awareness of animal and wildlife rescue worldwide. Each art piece is signed and numbered. Her artwork includes fine art paintings, works on paper, prints and murals.

Through writing, she shares stories of human connection with the natural world, and communicates important messages about our current times. Her mission is to connect people with the issues facing our planet, each other, and the animals we share this world with. Through uplifting, motivating artwork and stories, she encourages people to connect with each other and take action for a more compassionate world.

As a writer, Maddy also creates content for travel companies.  


‘I document planet earth in all its diversity and beauty, with a special focus on connection. I believe humans are desperately searching for a deeper sense of connection with each other and with the earth. I celebrate subjects both human and non-human - honouring culture, animals and nature. I believe compassion is our way home.’





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