Maddy Couch is an artist and storyteller.

Her work speaks to the power of compassion, the impact of building community, and the importance of social and environmental change. Her 1000 Rescue art project has raised awareness of animal and wildlife rescue organisations, including WDC, Explorers Against Extinction, and ORCA.

This ongoing project was inspired by volunteering and travelling throughout Europe, New Zealand, Taiwan and Asia where exploring indigenous art and a love for the wilderness connected. Her 1000 Rescue project includes fine art paintings, works on paper and prints. Her work has been exhibited in Bristol, London and New York. Her artwork has also been featured in The Curlew Magazine.

Maddy studied humanities at university, wrote her thesis on the treatment of animals in the human world, and worked as the Hugo stand-in on Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. She is currently writing her first book about befriending fear and embracing adventure.

Her daily life is a merging of her creativity, grounded in sustainability and aimed towards a healthier future for our global community.

Favourite Writers: Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed, Paulo Coelho, Daniel Klein, Haruki Murakami, Levison Wood, Anne Lamott.

Favourite Artists: Joan Miro, Beatrice Milhazes, Os Gameos, Yellena James, Tove Jansson, Dr Seuss, Romero Britto, 10000 Buddhas, Filippa Edgehill, Kimi Werner.

‘I document planet earth in all its diversity and beauty, with a special focus on connection. I believe humans are desperately searching for a deeper sense of connection with each other and with the earth. I celebrate subjects both human and non-human - honouring creativity, culture, animals, nature and compassion.’