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Sketch for Survival Tour / Crypt Gallery / Norwich, UK - Nov 2018

Sketch for Survival Tour / Salmagundi Art Club / New York, USA - Nov 2018

Sketch for Survival Tour / The Explorers Club / New York, USA - Nov 2018

Sketch for Survival Tour / Walcot Chapel Gallery / Bath, UK - Nov 2018

Sketch for Survival Tour / Conde Nast Luxury Travel Fair / London, UK - Nov 2018

Sketch for Survival Tour / gallery@oxo / London, UK - Oct 2018

Sketch for Survival Tour / Wildlife and Safari Show / Yorkshire, UK - Sep 2018

Whales / Madryn Gallery / Combeinteignhead, UK - Sep 2018

1000 Rescue / Station Yard Studios / Ashburton, UK - Nov 2017

1000 Rescue / Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary / Bristol, UK - Sep 2017

1000 Rescue / The Prince of Wales / Bristol, UK - Sep 2017



The Curlew



Art and Chocolate

Gallery Fab

Maddy Couch is an artist and storyteller. Her work has helped raise awareness of animal and wildlife rescue worldwide. These organisations include WDC, Explorers Against Extinction, 4ocean and ORCA.

The ocean and wildlife have been a source of inspiration and adventure for her. As a teenager, moving from London to the coast of Cornwall, she began to explore and develop a deeper appreciation for nature.

After completing a degree in humanities and writing her thesis on animal minds and behaviour, Maddy went on to work as the Hugo stand-in on Martin Scorsese's Hugo. She studied illustration with Chris Gilvan-Cartwright at The Phoenix Gallery, Brighton and then travelled internationally volunteering for animal rescue, wildlife and community projects. Maddy collected these experiences to turn into stories. She is currently writing a travel memoir about befriending fear and embracing adventure.

Her artwork has been influenced by Maori artists from New Zealand, indigenous art from Taiwan and street art across Asia, where she spent time exploring. She is working on her 1000 Rescue project, creating one thousand pieces of art to raise awareness of animal and wildlife rescue around the world.

Her daily life is a merging of her creativity, grounded in sustainability and aimed towards a healthier future for our global community.

Favourite Writers: Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed, Paulo Coelho, Daniel Klein, Haruki Murakami, Levison Wood.

Favourite Artists: Joan Miro, Beatrice Milhazes, Os Gameos, Yellena James, Tove Jansson, Dr Seuss, Romero Britto, Fernand Leger, 10000 Buddhas, Filippa Edgehill, Kimi Werner.

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