I visited Cerenety Eco Campsite in Bude, to meet their rescue animals. Cerenety is exactly as it sounds, serene. This campsite sits upon a beautiful spot in Cornwall, surrounded by green hills, blue skies and vast beaches within walking distance. And what a wonderful gathering of animals live there. Cerenety Eco Campsite have taken in some rescue animals which live out their lives on the farm. I met Heather the alpaca, who kept pulling funny faces at me. Flipper the dog, with boundless energy. Henrietta and Miranda the chickens, who thought it best to offer a show of their pen. Upon my wandering into their patch, Henrietta kept hopping up onto the little hut, flaunting her egg laying home. I got the distinct feeling she was proud of where she lived and wanted me to know. Molly and Lady Penelope were two other chickens who also enjoyed displaying their yard in front of my feet. It was awfully difficult to even move in that chicken pen. Chickens are incredibly inquisitive, sociable and quite friendly.

I used to work with a guy who had a number of rescue chickens at his home. We all know how pleased to see us our dogs are when we arrive home. Dogs express this joy so openly and wonderfully. It makes us mere humans feel blessed and loved. Well, chickens do this too. This guy told me that whenever he arrived home from work and went into the garden, his chickens skipped over to him and jumped in his arms for a cuddle. Chickens love hugs too.

Then there were Maizie, Torrie and Rupert the horses. These beautiful animals were the guardians of their farm, watching over their furry friends running around below their feet. Upon spending time with these horses, I noticed a little pony in the corner of my eye. There was Tina, the pygmy pony. Tina was the smallest pony I have ever seen but she has a big attitude.

What is beautiful about so many sanctuaries around the world is how every animal lives together. They find their place in the home and learn to work around each other. Cerenety is no different. For those into surfing, camping and nature I highly recommend this campsite. They also take in volunteers. The owners are really friendly and they are giving the animals a wonderful home.