I've been listening to an I Ching podcast (a form of ancient Chinese text) which took me back to my experience of visiting an I Ching master in a Taiwanese temple. Here are some wholesome thoughts for the day.

  • Love yourself first to create the space to love others and for others to love you

  • Care for your soul - the light and the dark

  • Forgive yourself and embrace your shadow - for this will resolve the fears and doubts that have been the obstacles to your desires and dreams

  • Be brutally honest with yourself and others - this allows for a deeper connection to our intuition and authentic self

  • We will be challenged on this path called life. Challenge is inevitable. Meet these obstacles with calm and stillness

  • Quiet the negative ego - it is a lie. If you take away the power of the critical voice of the ego, you become free to love and be loved!

  • We are all one. We are just here for a minute so enjoy your time on this earth

  • Live YOUR truth as best you can - not what others expect of you. Your job in this life is to become the best you, you can be - with all your beauty and your flaws

  • Find stillness in the chaos. Take a breath and go inside. What will be great develops slowly and in abundance. The natural order of life doesn't push a tree to grow faster or a river to run quicker. Accept all this moment has to offer - be grateful

  • Attend to all the small details of your life - change can manifest slowly - trust yourself

  • Are you anxious about your relationship? Health? Business? Creative project? Spiritual path? - Allow these aspects of life to develop slowly and steadily with a compassionate heart - this creates space for insight into your heart's greater journey. If you throw love at something, chances are it will change

  • Out of suffering comes elation - the storm is our teacher

  • Don't try to hold on too tight - you've got nothing to lose. Breath deep and practice smiling inside. For calmness and contentment is a practice that we have the ability to obtain - ritual and repetition