A friend who suffers from depression, recently told me that she feels so left behind and alone, whilst the rest of the world carries on and people are moving forward in their lives. My first thought was social media. The internet is a fantastic tool to grow a business and make contact with each other easily - but it often only shows the positive and successful aspects in people's lives.

Very rarely do we share the pains, losses, physical struggles, separations, anxieties, loneliness and suffering in our lives. I told my friend that no-one is immune to pain and suffering. Without the dark, there cannot be light. Depression has a cruel ability to make the sufferer believe that their pain and loneliness is more intense than the rest of the worlds. But it is a trickster. None of us have the ability or knowledge to judge another person's pain. I reminded my friend that she is not alone in this world. I hope those words gave her some solace. Let's talk to each other and open up. This conversation can help people feel less alone. Let's open our hearts.