Maddy was born in London and moved to Cornwall at fifteen. She never went to art school but studied philosophy at university. She then travelled the world, volunteering for animal, wildlife and community projects. She kept journals and sketchbooks during all her adventures. And in 2017, she started sharing her work with the world. Maddy is working on a project to create 1000 artworks, raising awareness of animal and wildlife rescue worldwide. Each original painting is signed and numbered by the artist.

Maddy’s work features in the Curlew magazine and homes around the world. She has exhibited in Bristol, London and New York. Her work has raised awareness of animal and wildlife organisations including ORCA, Explorers Against Extinction and WDC. She hopes to inspire compassion for animals, wildlife and the planet through her work.

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‘I document planet earth in all its diversity and beauty, with a special focus on connection. I believe humans are desperately searching for a deeper sense of connection with each other and with the earth. I celebrate subjects both human and non-human - honouring culture, animals and nature. I believe compassion is our way home.’


‘I am so grateful to have Maddy’s artwork in my home. My baby daughter beamed with delight when she saw her painting. It’s beautiful, the best thing I’ve bought all year, and all the more special that it reminds us of animals and wildlife. The perfect picture for my daughter’s nursery. May she love animals as much as we do.’ C.O. BBC Journalist and Writer

‘Monty the whale is a ray of sunshine in my day-to-day world. Everyone loves him! The colour and texture of Maddy’s artwork is magical and uplifting.’ C.S. Bottletop Co-Founder


‘Maddy’s artwork is even more beautiful in real life. My son was so happy when I said we will be displaying the artwork in his room. Maddy is such an inspiration. She paints from her heart, with a connection to the wider world. Looking at her painting each day reminds us to be mindful of all beings on this earth.’ Z.L Mama and Yoga Teacher

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